The Battle of Badr For Kids

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“Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message): “I am with you: give firmness to the Believers….” (8:12)

The Battle of Badr is a fascinating historic event that Muslim youth should be exposed to in a creative and legendary way. Just as we are entertained by the media on  the brilliant military chivalries of Robin Hood and King Arthur, we can celebrate  Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his companions who led  one of the  greatest military campaigns and battles ever fought.

Steps for Kids to learn more about The Battle of Badr, that took place in Ramadan.

1. You can read the basic information with your children here

2. You can watch the movie battle of Badr video on you tube. 


3. Islamic Trivia for older kids. First they have to read the information and study it through out the day. You can make questions on a index cards and set up the quiz after Iftar. The one who answers most of them correctly gets a prize.

4. Have them answer the questions online. The child who scores the highest, wins!  

5. For younger ones, you can dress them up in costumes (I had done this with my boys). They can wear white jilabia and cut a white muslin strip of cloth(2 1/2 ‘ x 1/2′) as a turban. You can make sword balloons. This was my son’s favorite part! We even made turban balloons for the Quraish! None of my boys wanted to be the bad guys so we put them on our teddy bears and relatives who were “stuck’ in the house.

6. Make a LapBook like this one from Muslim Learning Garden. I found this link just as I was about to post this! :)   this!

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