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Ramadan Giveaway: Eid Creations

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We all know how difficult it is to find Ramadan and Eid related party supplies at the stores we frequent. Each year, when our festivities approach, I don’t know about you, but I am scurrying around like a headless chicken to find products from stores that I can “Islamify” and slap on the Eid label…. Sometimes, I just wish I didn’t have to spend this much energy in trying to put a party together. And sometimes, I do wish that someone else did all the thinking for me. So when I learned about Eid Creations, no one was happier than moi!!

Eid Creations, headed by a woman (yay!) is a California-based company, whose motto is just that…..”We Create, You Celebrate”, specialize in bringing good quality Ramadan and Eid related products literally to your doorstep! From beautiful colored Mylar Moon & Star shaped balloons to paper goods and napkins, they are working on creating more designs and themes to fit your Islamic lifestyle needs! As if that’s not enough, you won’t find such competitive deals anywhere else! For only $2 – $2.25 for a pack of 10 plates (two different sizes) and napkins to match, you really won’t be thinking twice at your next party or get together! In the spirit of true Islam, Eid Creations also gives back 5% of their sales to charity. It’s a win-win situation for all of us! 

Ok, wait, now that’s not it…..Eid Creations will be hosting a GIVEAWAY this Ramadan exclusively for our Jannahsteps readers!!!

The Giveaway starts from August 3rd to August 6th (11:59 AM PST).

You can enter by simply leaving us a comment after visiting the website EID CREATIONS.

Come back and tell us what design you loved best.

A random selected winner will receive this amazing set of party ware for your Eid Celebration (Set of 10 Appetizer plates, Set of 10 Dinner plates and coordinating napkins for both)!

US Shipping only. Sorry international readers, perhaps in the future, Inshallah! 

By the way, you can also follow them on facebook or follow their tweets! :)


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Celebrate Eid with Cards, Crafts, Cakes & Cookies!

Artsy Ummi  blogs

These are wonderful links to keep you and your kids busy all Eid Week! Click on these pictures to take you to the respective weblink and instructions. 

 Decorate Your Home with These Crafts:

 Ramadan Mobile: 


Eid Banner:

Eid Stained Glass Craft:

Decorate Your Home With These Ideas: 

Eid Card Ideas

Transform Your Old Cards Into Awesome Eid Greetings:


Make an Eid Card with this Eid Poem, or print it smaller (about half the size of a regular letter sheet) and  get the kids to color it. Fold it in half and call it an Eid card! 

Peter Gould’s Eid Art Download to “use and share as you wish” From His Facebook Wall:


Eid Craft Ideas

Practice Your Artsy Skills and Gift This to a Loved One:  

Great Project for Those Little Hands: 

Henna Skills Need Some Practice:

Or You can Settle With This Idea- Practice “Henna” on Paper Hands instead! Less Messy Anyway!:  

Eid Cakes  and Cookies

Bake an Eid Cake or Decorate a Store Bought One:

Or Perhaps Bake Them in Mini Sizes!:

Make These Henna Hand Cookies- They Are a Guaranteed Crowd Pleaser!:


Gift some of your cookie creations in this Eig Box, don’t forget to make the kids write messages on them along with their coloring: 

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Around-the-World Masjids Cookie Crafts

Sr Alif blogs

Sr Sarah’s  6th and 7th Grade class was smelling very sweet during their “Around-the-World Masjid Project’.  Students were asked to choose a masjid that was well known historically, and do research on it’s historical significance as well as its architecture.

After the students had about a week to complete their report on the masjid, they had exactly one hour in the afternoon to create their masjid completely out of sweets. They were told that they could not share their ingredients so they better come prepared!

This one hour turned into quite a productive assembly line of students frantically smearing frosting on their graham crackers, and trying to keep the walls from falling. The biggest challenge was to make the dome. Some used bread buns cut in half while one opted to use a giant Hershey kiss covered with yellow frosting. He was making “The Dome of the Rock”, so he wanted to make sure it looked grand. He even had a chocolate covered Marshmallow cookie to use as the ‘rock’.  Another student used gummy bears as little Muslim worshipers.

In the end, the students some how proved to be talented confection architect artists as they created very similar replicas of the famous masajid.

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Celebrating the New Islamic Year 1432!

Sr Alif blogs

A conversation with Sr Maryam Khaliqi ( a Kindergarten teacher) and the PreK teachers jump started an idea to do something memorable at school for our Hijri Calendar. Her thoughts were that people go all out and celebrate New Years and it’s just sad that we don’t emphasize our own calendar dates for our kids to remember, experience and enjoy. Often kids won’t even be aware of when the start of the new Islamic month is. So it was the perfect solution to create some buzz and excitement in the corridors of the PreK classroom. We were going to have a fun Hijri party and get those little kids learning the Islamic calendar faster than you can say “1432 A.H.!”

We were off to a great start, in the morning the kids colored their 1432 AH Party hats in English and Arabic numbers (Download template below). The teacher took the children out for outdoor activities while her assistant set up the tables and decorated it with table cloth and decorations. When the kids returned, they got to wear their 1432 paper hats and sat down around Sr Zahra Biler’s homemade cake with delicious whipped cream and blueberries. The children decorated it with green M&M’s carefully making the numbers 1432 (Great for eye-hand coordination). Then they sang “It’s an Islamic New Year, It’s an Islamic New Year! !1432….After Hijra!!” This was a song they sang to the tune of Happy Birthday!

Finally, they all returned home happily with party blowers in their mouths and goody bags in their hands. The bags were decorated with 1432 A.H. tags. You can download party hats and gift tag templates that can be used for class or just a fun kids get together.

Download 1432 Party Hat Template here: Islamic New Year 1432 Templates

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Eid Cookies for Everyone!

busymamababyBusy Baby Mama blogs

I wanted to make yummy cookies for all our kind neighbors for Eid this year. What better way to get my child involved, excited, busy…and do a bit of dawa while at it! I found this website…I wish I could have found more interesting shapes that were Islamic related. But here is what’s out there:


While I prepare lots of cookie dough…you check this link out!

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Children’s Iftar Party

DIY party bags

DiY: Ramadan Treat Bags

busymamababyBusy Baby Mama blogs

Iftaar party for kids is a wonderful and educational event, but that depends on how much stamina I can muster during the last week of Ramadhan.  Party games can be modified to give an Islamic edge to them, but keeping the numbers manageable, finding playmates your child gels with and getting the child involved with party preparations is key. is a wonderful site for Islamic party materials and stationaries for busy moms like us. It makes party hassle free and kid friendly. My favorite part in this site is the DIY that shows you how to make these party essentials simply beautiful!

I never imagined that simple clip art can make a world of difference in creating a cup cake decor, party favors, and napkin holders!

DiY: Ramadan Craft Art Cupcakes

DIY cup cakes!

    DiY: Ramadan & Eid Art Napkin Holders/Gift Tags

DIY napkin holders!

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